Armindo Ribeiro Mendes

Armindo Ribeiro Mendes, born in 1946, in Lisbon, Portugal, Law Graduate 1969 (Faculty of Law, Lisbon University). M.A. in Law (1972), Negotiorum Gestio in Civil Law (dissertation). Assistant Professor, Lisbon Faculty of Law (1969-1975). Lawyer in the Lisbon Bar since 1971. Invited Professor of Civil Procedure and Comparative Law (1977-1984), Member of the Portuguese Constitutional Commission (1980- 1983). Co-author together with Dr. António Serra Lopes of the Project of Arbitration Law of Macau (1989). Judge of the Portuguese Constitutional Court (1989-1998). Since 1998, lawyer and arbitrator in several ad hoc or institutional arbitrations (more than seventy as chairman or party nominated arbitrator).
Member of the Portuguese Superior Council of Judicature between 2000/2005, elected by Parliament. Since 2004, Invited Professor of Comparative Legal Systems in the Law Faculty of the New University of Lisbon. Since 2008 invited Professor in the Law Faculty in The Lisbon Catholic University (Law of Arbitration).
Member of the Superior Council of the Ordem dos Advogados (Portuguese Bar Association) since 2011. Member of the Board of the Portuguese Arbitration Association. Vice-President of the Portuguese Committee of ICC Portugal.
Author of several legal books (namely Appeals in Civil Procedure, Lisbon, Lex, 2rd edition, 1994; Appeals in the revised Code of Civil Procedure, Lisbon, Lex, 1998, Civil Appeals – the 2007 Law Reform, Coimbra, W. Kluwer – Coimbra Editora, 2009) and legal articles and opinions..