Filipa Duarte Gonçalves

Filipa Duarte Gonçalves is an Associate at Miranda Law Firm, in Lisbon. Her practice focuses on Arbitration, Criminal & Civil Litigation and Insolvency, both in
Portuguese and African Jurisdictions, notably, Angola, São Tomé e Principe, Guinea-Bissau and Cape Verde.
She has lately started to work also with Timor-Leste. Filipa holds a master degree in European Law from Minho University, a specialization in Customs and a post-graduation in Arbitration from Lisbon Nova University Law School. After taking her degree in Law, Filipa was a legal consultant of a small and medium-sized enterprises’ Association, in Portugal for five years. Filipa frequently writes articles for newspapers and other magazines and recently has written an article on “Customs Clearance Security Deposit” for the Portuguese magazine “Temas de Direito Aduaneiro, Almedina.