João Veiga Gomes

Law degree, University of Lisbon Law School (1962) Post Graduation Course on Canónic Law, Portuguese Catholic University (1994) President of the Intellectual Property section of the Portuguese Bar Association Legislation Committee (2003-2005) and member of its “Gabinete de Estudos”.
Registered with the Portuguese Bar Association Professional Experience Of-Counsel with Abreu Advogados since 2007. Founding Member of Veiga Gomes, Marques da Cruz, Colmonero - Sociedade de Advogados (2001-2006). Founding Member of Veiga Gomes, Bessa Monteiro, Marques Bom (1975-2000). Founding Member of António Protásio, Veiga Gomes, Bessa Monteiro - Sociedade de Advogados (1974-1975) Author of the books “Sociedades Anónimas – Uma perspectiva de Direito Económico”, (Lisbon, 1981) and “Lei Fundamental do Sistema Bancário”, (Lisbon, 1994).
Co-Author of “The 1995 Portuguese Industrial Property Code” in “International Property Law”, Center for International Legal Studies (Salzburg), Willey, 1998 and of one chapter dedicated to Portugal in “Winning Legal Strategies: International IP Law”, Aspartore Books (2005) Assistant teacher of Economics Law in the Lisbon University Law School (1976-77).
Member of AIPPI and of the 2nd Section of ICAP - “Instituto Civil da Autodisciplina da Publicidade” Invited member in the capacity of “Expert”, of Group III of the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC), for the study of draft directives concerning criminal measures for protection of Intellectual Property rights against piracy and counterfeiting. Co-author of the Portuguese Chapter of the book “The International Legal Guide to Trade Marks 2012” and of “The International Legal Guide to Patents 2013”, both published by Global Legal Group.
Practice Areas Litigation (Civil Litigation, Commercial Litigation), Intellectual Property and IT Law